Top 11 Best Free Online Speed Reading Courses & Classes

Speed reading courses are being utilized by everyone including professionals, students, and individuals to improve reading speed and to enhance comprehension rates.

There are numerous benefits: Super Reading Course is Highly recommened, if you want to excel in speed reading, you will spend less time reading your daily material, and less time re-reading misunderstood sections. So, what is the best speed reading course 2021? A review of online and in-person classes.

Speed Reading Course 2021 – Best 4

1. Iris Speed Reading Course

Iris Reading (view courses) is one of the most established providers in the field of speed reading courses. Students can either attend an in-person class or enroll in their interactive and entertaining online courses. Iris Reading is designed for just about anyone looking to improve their speed and memory retention.

Main features of the Iris Reading Course program:

  • Attend local classes (US, Canada, Europe) or enjoy online courses
  • A variety of module courses to suit different levels and interests
  • Comprehensive, informative video learning supported by eBooks
  • Be taught by professionals and industry experts

There are three ‘core online courses’, which give you the ability to really focus upon your reading aspects that you feel are weakest. Prices range from $50-100 per course or $360 for the 9 Course Bundle. A local class can be booked at $199.

Foundation Course – The Foundation course (visit website) is ideal for beginners. It will teach you the fundamentals of speed reading which includes speed-boosting drills and the techniques to read chunks of words, skim and scan or improve retention. The video lessons provide over 5 hours of valuable content. Students will also get access to “30 Tips to Improve Your Memory” plus an eBook to improve their focus.

Mastery Course – The Mastery Course is suitable for advanced learners and will teach you the final steps required to become an adept speed reader. This includes advanced techniques regarding subvocalization, eye technique and spaced learning alongside approaching technical materials that can be tricky in nature to read. Coming in the form of 12 video seminars, each video teaches you a little more about the process whilst giving you the ability to go and test your newfound knowledge. This course is suitable for ACT/SAT, GMAT, GRE, LSAT and MCAT test preparation.

Advanced Comprehension & Memory Course – This course is the next step of reading improvement! Utilizing 30 video seminars with up to 14 hours of content, it will teach you advanced reading techniques that will further improve your comprehension and memory skills! It will even tell you how to approach your exams with the help of activities and exercises, making this ideal for students with no time on their hands.

Local Classes – If you want to attend a speed reading class in person, you can do so in many cities across the U.S. as well as in Canada, the UK, Europe and parts of Asia. Courses last from 90 minutes, 4 hours, 6 hours to 12 hours. View all cities.

2. Spreeder VIP

Spreeder (visit website) is the widely popular RSVP reader and expert speed reading course that will allow you to efficiently read entire eBooks, webpages, and digital documents – on all devices. It now contains all the features and tools of the popular 7-Speed-Reading course.

If you are in the market for technology-based digital reading aka RSVP and also interested in learning efficient reading strategies this combination of a speed reading course and a built-in eBook/digital content reader might be the best pick.

All in one course – You can access the course on your iPad/iPhone or Mac/Windows system to speed read any of your website content, documents and files or learn from the best speed reading experts. There are videos to improve comprehension and speed, as well as exercises to tackle bad reading habits. A vocabulary builder is included too and you can evaluate your progress with detailed stats.

Summary – One of the best things about this course is that one license will serve all purposes. An app is already included here. You can create up to 5 user accounts with all the benefits mentioned above. Overall, this is one of the best speed reading courses for reading digital content super fast and improving comprehension strategically.

Pricing: from $9. Visit course website.
Rating: ★★★★★★☆ | Info: Free 7-day trial. Cancel anytime.

3. Rev It Up Reading Course

Rev It Up Reading (visit website) is for anyone who tackles reading on a daily basis and wants a compact training course that can be finished within hours.

Abby Marks Beale will be your teacher, who is one of the leading experts within the United States. The course comes with a detailed, narrated interface and techniques from Abby herself. It is suitable for professionals, college students and adults.

Short, informative course – User will learn to read fast and effectively in just 5 hours. There are 9 course modules. Each module is 30 minutes in length and will teach you how to approach the techniques of fast reading.

Multiple activities to undertake – Choose from 17 unique, timed activities to further expand your reading rate. All modules/activities can be done online with access to progress charts and results. Everything is accessible on portable devices, so keep this in mind if you require a portable speed reading course.

Animated, narrated interface – The course modules include great attention to detail which is incredibly satisfying. You are given on-screen activities and prompts, all narrated by Abby, which teach you how to retrain your eye focus, improve your comprehension as well as focus upon technical and challenging words.

Support & progress tracking – If you become stuck on anything, in one click you send an email directly through to Abby herself who will teach you how to overcome your obstacle! Another big incentive to keep on learning is actually to see your progress. Get access to charts and stats to evaluate your progress.

Flexible access – You can get this speed reading course by purchasing day passes which makes it very flexible. Passes are available for 1-day, 7-days, 90-days, and 365-days. Save 50% on 90 and 365-days using the following code: REV2021SRL.

Summary – Rev It Up offers a modern, comprehensive and enjoyable course. The somewhat more personalized feel is greatly appealing and is worth looking into. It’s definitely one of the most encouraging courses available and students will learn from one of the best experts in the field. Therefore, top-rated.

4. SuperLearner 2.5: Speed Reading & Boost Memory

SuperLearner 2.5 (visit course website) by Jonathan Levi and Dr. Lev Goldentouch is a popular speed reading course on the Udemy e-learning platform. The 5-hour class has attracted more than 175,000 students.

The main learning goal is to read three times faster and apply innovative memory techniques to retain and recall information. Actually, you will master two skills in one course. There are 5 hours of video including worksheets and valuable online resources.

Highlights and goals

  • 60 lectures, 5 hours of video content
  • Assignments, games, worksheets
  • Learn the reading skills applied by the world’s fastest readers
  • Learn the memorization skills memory record-holders apply
  • Master the skills to learn anything more effectively
  • Available on iOS and Android

SuperLearner is suitable for college students, professionals, entrepreneurs, managers, or adults who are passionate about learning. Booking this speed reading course will give you lifetime access to all videos, materials, and support options.

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